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Aiko entered the Russian market in 2007 and launched several series of spinnings and fishing accessories. 

Today Aiko is presented in Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia and Uzbekistan. The product range includes all kinds of fishing tackles.

The major goal of the company is to help the customer make proper choice of tackles for the desired type of fishing, with minimum time input and least expenses.  

Aiko stakes on Ergonomics, Technical Esthetics, Quality and Cost of the product.  

Aiko is focused on all groups of users - from experts to beginners.

Aiko grants freedom and mobility to the customer. Our fishing tackles can be bought at retailers and internet-shops.  We have a catalogue with a detailed specification on our web site. The user can order ALL necessary tackles and accessories for his fishing purposes at any  shop dealing with Aiko.

Aiko constantly launches new products on the market. All new items are developed on the basis of modern technologies by the experts of the company and professional anglers in cooperation with Korean engineers. It is interesting for us to develop, it is our passion. We support start-up projects in the fishing industry; we are ready to render consultancy assistance to partners, creating new specialized series of tackles.  

Aiko offers ready solutions. We effect professional selection of the whole range of tackles in accordance with the angler's demand. Our company is ready to develop special series of spinnings and accessories for ANY type of fishing popular in ANY country of the world.

Aiko is never satisfied with what has been achieved. In 2012 we have extended our product range by adding specialized clothes for anglers from the world-famous Korean brand ARTINUS.

The official representative of ARTINUS worldwide is a well-known company OWNER.  Aiko represents the interests of Artinus in Russia and CIS. We also have an opportunity to deliver and sell Artinus in Europe.

Artinus recruits the best specialists of the industry, develops innovative ideas, and uses hi-tech materials and modern professional equipment. All these factors provided ARTINUS dynamic growth and an opportunity to press other popular brands on the market.

Professional designers of the company combined sportish-fishing style and casual style while creating the range of clothes for Artinus. The company refreshes its collection annually, on the basis of modern tendencies and world demand. Designers do not only improve the appearance of clothes, but they constantly modernize it, being focused on the production of high technology and multi-functional products.

AIKO and ARTINUS  - fishing tackles and clothes - everything  the angler needs.

Our international teem is ready to cooperate with partners all over the world. If you are interested in our products, please send a message to  

AIKO Products  - Active Additive to Life!

Develop Dynamically.
Consult Energetically.
Sell Efficiently.  
Deliver Immediately.

Correlation of price and quality is the constant thing of AIKO.  



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